Favorite Links

This is a collection of sites that I have put together which are of interest to amateur radio operators. Some of these are clubs or organizations in which I am a part or have at one time been a part. Others are great resources for hams that are outstanding in their own chosen subject area. If you don't see something of interest right now, check back at a later date. This will start small and grow large with time.


AC6V's Amateur Radio Antenna Projects - Part of the very large AC6V Web site, ham radio's answer to Google. This antenna site features a large section on stealth antennas.  Emphasis is on practical projects rather than theory.

antenneX - Don't miss this site! It is a subscription site, but one of the best sites on the Internet for esoteric and just plain oddball antennas, as well as more ordinary antennas. A great site to visit for ideas for hidden and stealth antennas.  Also features a regular feature by L.B. Cebik, W4RNL.

L.B. Cebik, W4RNL - Speaking of L.B. Cebik, his site is perhaps the ultimate antenna site on the entire Internet. A great source for theory and practical ideas, as well as scientific research on the behavior of many types of antennas.

DXZone.com's Antenna section - Many links to articles on all kinds of antennas, including stealth antennas. A great source of antenna ideas.

PAR Electronics - The HF End-Fedz antennas are full length half wave dipoles fed at the end, not at the center like most dipoles. This unusual design and the fact that the wire is a dark brown color make these the stealthiest antennas that are commercially available. The company is owned by Dale Parfitt, who actually answers the phone and is second to none in customer service. The reviews on eHam are nothing but 5/5, the best. Highly stealthy, but highly effective antennas.

Ventenna - Mainly VHF and UHF antennas, but a very clever disguise antenna design, so effective that they have been used by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Defense Department! Constructed of ABS plastic tubing and about 36 inches long, the Ventenna is designed to fit over 1 1/2 inch roof vent pipe and does not impair the normal function of the vent pipe. For ultimate stealth, the Ventenna can be ordered with the "inside coax" option, so the telltale coax is out of sight completely! Even available in 222 MHz and 2M/440 MHz models!

Clubs & Organizations

ARRL - The American Radio Relay League site. Ham radio news and many feature articles along with many services for ARRL members.

Atlanta Radio Club - One of the oldest and largest amateur radio clubs in the southeastern U.S. The club's 1987 hamfest was host to that year's ARRL National Convention. In addition to its sponsorship and maintenance of several FM repeaters, the club is now building a new D-Star digital repeater network that will cover the entire Atlanta metropolitan area.

North Fulton Amateur Radio League - Located in the Alpharetta/Roswell area north of Atlanta, this club is on the grow and now exceeds 100 members. This club was the first in the metro Atlanta area to build a microcomputer based repeater controller in the late 1970's. The club's 145.47 MHz repeater still is home to the voice of "Darth" which announces the repeater call occasionally.

North Georgia QRP Club - Called NOGA for short by its members (including me), this club is known all over the country as one of the most active QRP clubs. Its club projects include the NoGaPig (North Georgia Power Indicator/Guard) and the NoGaWaTT (NOGA SWR/Wattmeter) among many others. Both the former and current editors of QRP Quarterly are members. With a structure modeled after the NorCal QRP Club, there are no officers and no dues, just a lot of fun!

QRP Amateur Radio Club International (QRPARCI) - The international organization of QRP ham operators. In addition to a great Web site, this organization publishes QRP Quarterly, which features many great articles on QRP construction and operation. The Joomla! based Web site is the place to go to find everything QRP related, news, links to QRP sites, antennas, kits, parts, and technical information.

Forums & Resources

AC6V's Amateur Radio and DX Reference Guide - Perhaps this site is the nearest thing Amateur Radio has to Google. With over 700 Amateur Radio topics and 6,000 links, you should have no problem finding information that is useful.

The DX Zone - Another site with a huge number of resources for Amateur Radio operators and shortwave listeners.

eHam.net - News, discussion forums, product reviews, and articles. In addition to visiting this site to see what fellow amateurs think of products and services, I like to visit the forum discussions, particularly the antenna restrictions forum, as a source for ideas.

QRZ Ham Radio - In addition to callsign lookup, this site features news, articles, forums, radio modifications and many other useful resources.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPSinformation.net - Joe Mehaffey, W2JO, Jack Yeazel, N4TEB, and Dale DePriest's GPS information site.  Looking for a GPS receiver or simply want to know what Selective Availability was? It is all on this huge site, which has been in existence for over 10 years and has information on anything and everything about the Global Positioning System and consumer GPS receiving equipment.

Individual Ham Web Sites

W5TOM - This site is a hoot! It is the site of Tom Morton, W5TOM, who wrote the cover article in the March 2003 issue of QST entitled "Build a High-Performance Mic." It is the humor that makes this site really stand out. Better check this out! The Weezil is being held hostage and "The Lighter Side of Morse Code" features a picture of old FB as we have never seen him. Then there are the pink flamingos!


Elecraft - Home of the favorite kit of QRP operators, the K2, and the recently announced K3. This site also includes resources for kit builders. Don't overlook the Tech Notes area with its numerous features. This is where I got the idea for the small computer I write about on this Web site and in QRP Quarterly.

ElectronicsUSA.com - Also known as Whiterook, this company started out producing a unique line of mini key paddles and LED lighting products and has expanded to kits, digital clocks, and other interesting gadgets.

Emtech - The maker of the ZM-2 antenna tuner kit. A new tuner, the ZM-100, is in the works. This is also home to the NW80/40/30/20 CW transceivers.

K1EL Kits - PIC Products, Morse Code keyers, including keyers that connect to a PS/2 computer keyboard.

KangaUS - Small transmitter and receiver kits and some other products. Currently closed indefinitely due to flooding in Findlay, Ohio in August which resulted in the loss of most of their inventory. Check back occasionally to see when they start taking orders again.

Milestone Technologies - Telegraph keys, bugs, paddles, electronic keyers, keyboards, and keyer-paddles. OHR transceivers, and more.

Oak Hills Research - Founded by Doug DeMaw, W1FB, the godfather of QRP.  Now a division of Milestone Technologies, they have the OHR-100A (available for 80, 40, 30, 20, and 15 meters) , the 5 band OHR-500, and the WM-2 QRP wattmeter, all in kits.

Radio Adventures Company - Special function ICs, frequency measurement and control devices, receivers. Also, the Stealth Wire Antenna article from the November, 2005 issue of QST.

Small Wonder Labs - The kits of Dave Benson, K1SWL, including the SW+ series. At $55 each, the SW+ transceivers are one of the best bargains in the QRP field. Available in 80, 40, 30, and 20 meters. Also available are the RockMites and the PSK series transcievers.

TenTec - The maker of the Argonaut V also has a great little CW only QRP kit, available in 80, 40, 30, and 20 meter bands.

Mobile Installation and Operation

K0BG, A Web Site for Mobile Amateur Radio Operators - This is the Web site I wish I had seen before I installed Amateur Radio gear in my car!  There are articles on this site about antennas, equipment selection, and mounting equipment in your vehicle. There is a great deal about automotive equipment such as air bags and avoiding the mounting of Amateur Radio gear such that it impairs the functionality of such vital safety equipment. He also discusses the ever present distracted driving problem, and how amateurs who operate while driving in areas where cell phone use is banned in cars may well be on very thin ice legally. This site is simply a must read for amateurs who operate mobile or plan to operate mobile.